Megumi,This is a belated thank you for the lovely music you provided on Saturday. I’m sure you’re used to playing at social events where there is friendly chatter going on around you, but I had the distinct pleasure of sitting quietly out of sight and just soaking in the beautiful notes drifting down from the balcony. It was a first for me to sing only to the music of a violin and you instantly put me at ease so that any nervousness I was feeling melted away. I hope I have the pleasure of hearing you play again some day.

Hi Megumi,Thank you very much for playing at our wedding on July 18th. Many guests specifically told me how much they enjoyed the music and I really appreciated your advice and independence. If you ever need a reference, I'd be more than happy to recommend you.Thanks very much Megumi!Ashleigh

All I can say, is that your work is most beautiful, bravo....

I'm listening to you playing Don't dry your tears, so pretty. As soon as you started to play I got the goose bumps. I'm so excited that I'll be able to play with you.

Thank You so much for playing at my wedding. It was absolutely beautiful and everything I dreamed of. Thank You for making it such a special day for us. You did a wonderful job and I am so thankful!
Thanks again!

Haaalllooo Megumi. Bin total begeistert von Deiner Webseite:Wie COOL ist das denn! Hatte Gänsehaut beim Anhören Deiner Musik ...
Liebe Grüße aus Deiner "alten Heimat", Danny

Wow Megumi, I never knew you had your own website! Well I guess I'll see you on Friday and Saturday for my lessons. Bye!

Hi Megumi,
Congrats to your website!! It looks beautiful, and I love your music! Keep composing and recording, I love your pieces for violin and piano! Violin is such a beautiful instrument :)
take care, Michele
P.S. You're always welcome here in San Francisco!

Hey Megu,
Glueckwunsch zu deiner tollen Seite. Gefaellt mir sehr gut!! Kannst sehr stolz auf deinen Weg sein!!!
Freu' mich auf mehr Musik von dir!
Gruesse aus Frankfurt!! AW

Nice job, as always! Congrats on the new website. Hope to see you sometime this summer!

Megumi, your website looks great! Hope to see you soon!

Dear Megumi,
I like your new website very much! Everything is good to find, and looks nice. Please write more music. It sounds beautiful.
All the best for you and your music

Hi Megumi! I hope to hear you play soon! Love your music!

Nice website! You did a great job! :)
I should make mine, too! Impressive!

Megumi! Congratulations on this lovely website! Beautiful music - glad your talent is out here for all to enjoy! Love and hugs Helen :))

I am inspired .

Love your new website!!
Very easy to navigate, music terrific. Fiddle lovely.
Let me take some better photos for you to choose from.
I can take some during our next lesson on Tuesday, so bring a pretty top. Gigs elsewhere?

Really enjoyed the site. Bring your talent to the shores of Northern Ireland.

Very nice site. :)

Hi Megumi,
I really like your webiste! The blue color is perfect for you!